Apart from Pakistan, I can also build a family in India, Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali has also acted in the Bollywood movie Mom: Photo: File

Dubai: Pakistani actress Sajal Ali says that if she has to live in any other country outside of Pakistan, it can be India.

Speaking to the media after attending an event held in Dubai, Sajal Ali expressed his desire to build a house in India.

When Sajal Ali was asked in which country would she like to live outside of Pakistan, she said, “Why can’t it be India?” A house can be built in India and also in Dubai.

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Sajal Ali said that in such events we get a chance to meet all those people who are close to our heart. He is friends with many Bollywood stars and enjoys interacting with them. Sajal Ali has worked with actress Sridevi in ​​the Bollywood film ‘Moom’. Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui also played an important role in the film.

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