Anuj Help Anupama to get ready

Anupamaa Upcoming Twist 21 January 2022: TV Serial ‘Anupama’ In Anupama, difficulties are being faced one after the other. Even after getting divorced, there is no peace in Anupama’s life. Sometimes she bears the brunt of Vanraj and sometimes she takes care of her children. Rupali Ganguly Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna In the starrer serial ‘Anupama’ (Anupamaa Latest Episode), you have seen so far, Anupama dresses Malvika and Vanraj red handed. Anupama tries to threaten Vanraj. However Vanraj tells Anupama to stay away from the matter. On the other hand, the family members make preparations to celebrate the festival of Makar Sankranti. Also Read – TRP List 2nd January Week 2021: Anupama defeated these 5 shows, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin dropped Dhadam

Meanwhile, a new ruckus is about to arise in the serial Anupama. In the upcoming episode of serial Anupamaa Upcoming Episode you will see, Samar will invite Nandini to come for the celebration of Makar Sankranti. Anupama will try to reconcile Nandini and Samar. Anupama will make Malvika wear a sari at Shah House.

Malvika will call Anupama as sister-in-law
Malavika will remember her past while wearing the saree. Anupama will entangle Malvika in her talk. During this, Malvika will tell Anupama as her sister-in-law. Suddenly Anuj will come to Anupama. Here Malvika will tease Anuj and Anupama fiercely. Anuj will take off Malvika’s eyes. Also Read – Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: Anuj will take the eyes of Anupama, there will be discord in the house due to Vanraj

Anuj will prepare Anupama with his own hands
After Malvika leaves, Anuj will also take an eye on Anupama. Meanwhile, Anupama will try to wear a necklace around her neck. Anuj will help Amupama to get ready. Anuj will not be able to take his eyes off Anupama. Not only this, this time Anuj will also praise Anupama on his face. Also Read – Bigg Boss 15: These 8 stars are working to make Tejasswi Prakash the winner, campaign launched on social media

Anupama will reveal Pakhi’s pole
Pakhi will tell everyone that Vanraj is sending her to the US. Vanraj will say that he will help Malvika to settle Pakhi in the US. Anupama will be shocked to know this. Anupama will expose Pakhi in front of the whole family. Anupama will tell that Pakhi is going to US not to study but to waste her time.

Watch the promo of serial Anupama-

Anupama will fight with Vanraj
Anupama and Vanraj are going to come face to face once again because of Malvika. This time Vanraj is going to show his attitude to Anupama because of Malvika.

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