Another electric bomb is likely to be dropped on civilians

CPPA requests for Rs. 3 12 paise per unit in December monthly fuel adjustment

Islam Abad: Electricity prices are likely to increase by Rs 3.12 per unit.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has filed a petition with NEPRA seeking an increase in electricity prices, which is in line with the December monthly fuel adjustment.

The petition said that in December 2021, 8 billion 52 crore units of electricity was generated, the production cost of which was Rs. 73.84 billion, the most expensive electricity was generated from furnace oil at Rs. Diesel generates electricity at Rs 14.8 paise per unit, coal generates electricity at Rs 13.31 paise per unit, imports electricity from Iran at Rs 13.26 paise per unit 3 to 12 paise per unit.

NEPRA will hear the request for increase in electricity prices on February 1 and in case of increase, consumers will have to bear an additional burden of more than Rs 30 billion.

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