Andorra female climber arrives in Pakistan to head to K2 and Broadpack without oxygen

Photo: Steffi Troget

European country Andorra’s female climber Steffi Troget will head to K2 and Broadpack without oxygen.

According to reports, Steffi Troget from Andorra has reached Pakistan. After arriving in Skardu, Steffi also met the family of late Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

Photo: Steffi Troget
Photo: Steffi Troget

Sources said that Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s son Sajid Sadpara will be with Steffi on K2 campaign.

According to sources, before the K2, European Mountaineer Broadpack will also head without oxygen.

Sources said that Steffi along with her team has left Skardu for base camp to advance on K2 and Broadpack.

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