An increase in the value of the dollar in the interbank

Web Desk: After an increase of 7 paisa, the value of the dollar in the interbank market has reached Rs 239.71.

During the business period, the value of the dollar increased by 10 to 18 paisa in the interbank market, but at the end of the business, the interbank rate of the dollar closed at the level of 239.71 rupees with an increase of 7 paisa, while on the contrary, the value of the dollar decreased by 50 paisa in the open currency market. 244.90 to close at Rs.

Despite the economic challenges facing the country, the dollar’s interbank rate rose marginally on Thursday on the back of narrowing imports and current account deficit and possible foreign exchange inflows from the government’s activities to procure flood relief funds from around the world.

Experts say that there is a possibility of receiving a flood relief fund of about one billion and 40 million dollars from other countries including Europe, Great Britain and America, which can limit the flight of dollars.

Due to the crackdown on illegal money changers, strict monitoring of banks, the release of $2 billion flood relief funds by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank to Pakistan, the dollar was highly volatile in the interbank market on Thursday. was limited.

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