An alternative plan of the government is prepared in case of the summary of important appointments being stopped by the President

Islamabad: After the PTI chairman’s statement, the government started considering alternative operations for important appointments.

In the case of the president blocking the advice of the prime minister, the plan B of the government came out, according to which the government will issue a notification to amend the rules of business from the cabinet secretary and recommend the appointment of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the army chief. Will remove from the list.

Sources After the notification of the Cabinet, the Prime Minister’s Office will withdraw the summary sent to the President, the Prime Minister himself will approve the appointments by withdrawing the summary sent to the President’s office, in Rule 15-A of the Rules of Business 1973 in the Government Cabinet meeting. May approve the amendment.

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According to the sources, the Prime Minister has the authority to relax the rules under Rule 57 even without getting approval from the Cabinet. Whether the approval of the changes in the rules should be taken from the Cabinet or the Prime Minister should relax the rules, the decision will be taken by the Cabinet meeting in the morning. I will be done.

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The Prime Minister will place the whole matter in the Federal Cabinet meeting, which will be decided by the Government Cabinet after discussion.

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