Amazon makes deactivating sellers’ accounts subject to a “health policy.”

Washington: Amazon has made the process of invalidating or deactivating accounts of sellers around the world, including in Pakistan, subject to account health or “health rate policy”.

According to the details, Amazon told the account holders around the world that the accounts will no longer be automatically deactivated, while the sellers must ensure the implementation of the account health policy set by Amazon.

Amazon’s new ‘Account Health Rating’ policy is being seen as a big news for sellers across the world, including Pakistan. According to Amazon, under the said policy, the sellers will be obliged to keep their account health rate above the limit of 250, but if the health rate needs to be reduced, the sellers will be given 10 more days to improve the rating.

Also, according to Amazon, if the sellers fail to reach the specified health rating, the sellers’ accounts will not be deactivated directly. According to the details, the seller will be informed in this regard through an email and if the seller cannot satisfy the Amazon authorities on the reasons for the low health rate, the account may be deactivated.

It should be noted that the implementation of the above policy of Amazon has started in Canada and the United States and in the next few months this policy of Amazon will be implemented in all countries.

It should be noted that in August of this year, Amazon suspended 13,000 accounts in Pakistan, while the cities of Mian Chanu and Sahiwal in Punjab were declared fraud red zones. The sellers working from these areas were found to be involved in fraudulent activities. were

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