Alleged corruption probe against Balochistan MPs and government officials

NAB Balochistan exposes 550 complaints in 2021, exposes major corruption cases — Photo: File

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Balochistan has launched an investigation into more than 150 cases of alleged corruption by hundreds of high-ranking officials, including former and current members of parliament and senior government officials.

This was revealed by NAB Balochistan in its performance report for 2021.

According to the report, in 2021, NAB Balochistan filed 20 references of corruption and illicit assets of Steel Development and Fisheries, Jeddah Pasni Fish Harbor, Red Crescent officers and subordinates and influential people to the department while 120 references of corruption of billions of rupees were filed in the accountability court. I am hearing.

According to the report, eight persons were arrested and a huge amount of cash, property and jewelery worth about Rs 6 billion was collected from corrupt elements and deposited in the national treasury. More than 150 cases of alleged corruption by hundreds of high-ranking officials are being investigated.

After investigating 550 complaints in 2021, NAB Balochistan has uncovered major cases of corruption. Large scale corruption has been detected in various provincial and federal departments. In addition to reforming the process of procurement of standard and low cost medicines, full transparency was also ensured in the process of timely procurement of wheat from farmers at official rates in the Food Department.

The year 2021 proved to be a very important year for NAB Balochistan in which the verdict in the most important Mushtaq Raisani case in the history of Balochistan came to light in which not only the accused were sentenced by the court but also movable and immovable assets worth billions of rupees. Referred to

In addition, sentences were handed down by the accountability court in 16 other cases, including food department commissioner’s office, finance. Last year, with the efforts of NAB Balochistan and the assistance of the esteemed court, billions of rupees worth of government lands in Gwadar were saved from falling prey to corruption. In addition to taking practical steps for the completion of various development projects that have been delayed to the detriment of the national exchequer, the immediate action of the NAB has saved thousands of people from fraud in various private housing schemes.

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