Afghanistan; A loud explosion in the mosque during Friday prayers

There is a Kadsha of Shahadahs, Photo: File

bill to: There was a loud explosion in the Wazir Akbar Khan mosque in the capital of Afghanistan, in which many worshipers were reported to have been martyred, but the number has not yet been confirmed.

According to Afghan media, there was a loud explosion at the Kabul Wazir Akbar Khan Jama Masjid when worshipers were coming out of the mosque. The intensity of the explosion was so high that the windows of cars parked nearby were broken and buildings shook.

As soon as the explosion was reported, the Taliban authorities reached the scene and cordoned off the area so that there would be no hindrance in the relief work. More than two dozen worshipers have been shifted to a nearby hospital.

There are reports of martyrdom of worshipers in the explosion, but the number has not been confirmed yet. According to the police, the initial investigation suggests that the explosion was made by a magnetic bomb.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast, but since the establishment of the Taliban government, Daesh Khorasan has been involved in such incidents and the Taliban government had also conducted a crackdown operation against them.

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