About 300 prisoners of war exchanged between Russia and Ukraine

Moscow: About 300 prisoners of war arrested during the last 7 months of war between Russia and Ukraine have been exchanged.

According to international media, prisoners were released by both countries under an agreement, 215 prisoners captured by Russia during the war were handed over to Ukraine, while Ukraine freed 55 Russian prisoners.

According to the news agency, those released by Russia include prisoners from the United States, Great Britain and Morocco, some of whom were sentenced to death. Alleged involvement.

The prisoners released by Ukraine include Moscow-backed Ukrainians, including leaders arrested on charges of rebellion.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey played a key role in the release of prisoners from both countries, Ukrainian President Zelensky thanked both countries for their efforts in this regard.

In a video message, President Zelensky specifically thanked Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, while Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin led to the release of the prisoners.

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