A woman raised her daughter in a man’s name for 30 years to avoid harassment

Petachimal decides to cut his hair, change his clothes to shirts and underwear, and give himself a new identity (Mato) as a man. ٹو Photo: Indian Media

A 57-year-old Indian woman has been a man for 30 years raising her daughter in a patriarchal society.

According to Indian media reports, a Tamil Nadu woman named S. Patchiamil lost her husband just 15 days after marriage. She was only 20 at the time and was pregnant, but a few months later, she gave birth to a daughter.

After her husband died, she reportedly had to start working to earn a living, but in the patriarchal society of Pati village in Tamil Nadu, it was not an easy task.

He started working in hotels and other places, but villagers started harassing him and making sexual taunts at him.

After that, however, Paige Yam decided to cut her hair, change her clothes to shirts and underwear, and give herself a new identity as a man.

“Only my next of kin and my daughter know that I am a woman,” the 57-year-old told Indian media.

Wherever Petchiaml reportedly worked, she was known as “Anachi,” a traditional name for a man.

According to the 57-year-old woman, she has done various jobs to provide her daughter with a secure future.

After working various jobs, Pitchiamil reportedly married his daughter, but still refused to give up his Mathhoo status.

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