100,000 drones floated in the river during the light show

50 Light-Photography Drones in Australia Take Bad Pictures Photo: Screenshot Perth Video

Perth: Colorful light-up drones cost a fortune when a total of 50 drones took turns flying in and out of the river.

A Perth drone company has said that 50 drones crashed in front of onlookers during a lighted drone flight over the Swan River, which the company said was a major loss.

Company owner Joshua Wayne Roos called it the most civil. It is normal for one show to fall from two drones, but after one drone collided with another drone, it probably affected the petals and a 50-drone in Darya Jagar. In this way, a total of one hundred thousand dollars was collected from diseases

However, he said that the 120-foot baud drone was far away from the public and unintelligible. However, the company was concerned with its research that together with drones.

On Sunday night, the drones were making different shapes with lights in the sky when the incident happened.

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