Zota soon to be a singer? Here is what she answers

It is very common in the world of Ivorian showbiz, to see the transition from a dancer to music. It doesn’t seem like Zota’s cup of tea, though. Asked about her career profile, the singer made it clear her disinterestedness about a possible migration to music.

Carina Style, Vitale, Sandia Chouchou or even Obam’s are examples to cite regarding the transition between dance and song. Initially artists dancers, they ended up marrying the microphone after a few years of career. Zota, recognized as a common one of the great figures of dance in Côte d’Ivoire, was questioned about a probable change in artistic fiber.

Bluntly, the dancer and new mom hinted that she has no ambition at all to leave the world of dance for that of song.

« Frankly, I won’t have to lie to you but I’m not interested because I can’t sing, what I can do is dance, so if I have to do something, it’s okay to ‘support in the field of dance …’ ‘, Zota replied. Then to support his assertion: “I can’t even see myself grabbing a mic. It’s not even in my projects ”.

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Ange Kanon, her real name, has been the mother of a little girl for three weeks. Having undergone a cesarean, she informed during her interview that she would stay longer than expected in France, to restore her physical health.

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