You absolutely must see Mariana Mazza’s “audition” for Double Occupation

Stop whatever you’re doing! You absolutely must watch the fake hearing to Occupation Double from Mariana Mazza. The comedian shared a video of her on her Instagram account, paving her greatest “talents” in front of a Jay Du Temple who was writhing in laughter. Obviously, the whole thing is sarcastic, but the video arrives in symbiosis with this beginning of the week and honestly, it makes our day!

The reason for this humorous video is probably an aggressive passive way of responding to fans who have been spreading the rumor that she is replacing Jay Du Temple in the animation ofOccupation Double next season. What do you think?

In this completely hilarious sketch, Mariana Mazza tries to showcase her strengths to Jay Du Temple and he struggles to stay serious. At the same time, you can’t really blame him as Mariana Mazza delivers a fiery performance!

Wow, Mariana, wow! Thank you for this crazy audition!

Do you think Mariana Mazza has any chances of participating in the next season ofFROM?

We chat, there!

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