Why do our hands move back and forth when we walk?

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Have you ever wondered why our hands move back and forth in a rhythm when we walk?

If you have never meditated, get up and take a short walk and focus on your hands.

Most of the people don’t even think about the movement of the hands while walking or let’s say they don’t even feel it.

So why does this happen? This question had puzzled the minds of scientists for a long time.

Scientists believed that the movement of the hands while walking served no purpose and was simply a consequence of the evolutionary process that could not be saved.

But in recent years, scientists have done a lot of work in this regard and also discovered the purpose of hand movement during walking.

Like most of our bodily functions, this movement of the hands is very important because it makes walking more natural and efficient.

In simple words, moving the hands back and forth consumes less physical energy while walking.

If you are not sure, try walking without moving your hands as it is not natural and the body has to spend more energy.

According to scientists, walking without moving the hands consumes 12% more physical energy.

The researchers also discovered that this movement of the hands does not require energy from the muscles of the arms, but is a pendulum-like action that occurs naturally.

This movement of the hands also reduces the stress caused by the legs hitting the ground while also preventing the hips from turning too much, so that the legs do not require a lot of energy to move.

The movement of the hands is connected to our legs, when you move the left foot forward, the right hand moves forward and this happens naturally because if the left hand moves forward with the left foot, 26% more physical energy will be expended.

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