Why choose our group insurance premium comparator?

st_title = “Why do companies choose our group insurance premium comparator? ‘

st_title = “Why do companies choose our group insurance premium comparator?”

Why are more and more companies choosing to offer group insurance to their employees by calling on the independent premium comparator Yes since 2001, we have become a leader in healthcare services for SMEs, it is because we have always been committed to offering an irreproachable quality service, in particular thanks to innovative solutions and state-of-the-art expertise. It is not for nothing that we have one of the best healthcare provider networks in the industry, which ensures maximum savings for both members and the employer.

More than 1300 companies have placed their trust in us and this is how has acquired great notoriety among insurers. Who says notoriety says better prices, and who says better prices says reduced commissions. No more complicated than that!

We of course offer unparalleled online service, but also impeccable customer service seven days a week. Whether you are anywhere in Quebec, New Brunswick or Ontario, we are here for you!

In close collaboration with insurers, offers various guarantee plans, while our avant-garde methods make us pioneers in the industry.

Since 2001, we have helped more than 1,300 Quebec and Canadian companies find their group insurance product at the best price!

After having communicated with us, you will be able to see the simplicity and the speed to receive a comparative table of the protections offered including the costs of each insurance company according to your request. This will allow you to see that you have the undeniable guarantee of the best price according to the chosen guarantees. A single quote request allows you to obtain the prices of all insurance companies in Quebec. And since is remunerated by the group insurance companies that you have retained, there are no fees or administration fees.

Being an independent group insurance premium comparator, we are able to guarantee you the best prices. represents insurers such as Assumption Life, RBC Insurance, Capital, Blue Cross, Desjardins, Manulife, Great West, Empire Life, Humania Assurance, Industrial Alliance, SSQ Financial Group, Sun Life and UV Mutual.

Finally, note that we do not encourage any particular insurance company, so as to never enter into a conflict of interest with them. We are not impressed with freebies, travel or other gratuities, which we always refuse anyway.

You can change broker if you wish, at any time, by contacting us directly. We will take care of your case and make sure it meets your expectations and we will negotiate again to get the best price for your business and your employees.

And you, what are you waiting for to experience a completely different experience than what you are used to? Whether it is your first group insurance program or the renewal of your group insurance, we are here for you! For more information or for a quote service from all insurers (free of charge and in complete confidentiality), contact us by dialing 1 855 230‑6233.

It’s free since 2001, and it will remain so!

st_title = “Why do companies choose our group insurance premium comparator? ‘

st_title = “Why do companies choose our group insurance premium comparator?”

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