Why are expatriates selling dollars in Dubai instead of bringing them to Pakistan?

The exchange rate of dollar in rupee is less than 10 rupees in Pakistan as compared to Dubai, 181 dollars in Pakistan and 189 rupees in Dubai.

According to reports, if you sell dollars in Pakistan, you will get 181 rupees, while if you sell dollars in Dubai, you will get 189 rupees.

On the other hand, the SBP is also taking steps to curb dollar speculation in the open market.

The central bank has set personal daily and annual limits for dollar purchases, as well as global payments for health and education.

In addition, orders have been issued for biometric verification and submission of documents for purchases over ہزار 1,000.

Exchange companies say that by tightening our business, people are working outside the system.

According to Malik Bostan, chairman of the Exchange Companies Association, the Taliban have been cut off from receiving about ً 3 billion a month since the government was established in Afghanistan. Some of the US aid was also used in trade with Pakistan but the aid has stopped, so Afghanistan is using dollars for its international payments.

Malik Bostan has advised the government not to barter from Afghanistan in rupees.

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