Who wrote many of Shakespeare’s plays?


Leicester: A new study has reported that the famous playwright William Ya

Maher has written about several of the playwright’s plays, but research presented at the British Science Festival in Leicester, UK, using advanced linguistic analysis techniques, has helped shed light on how this is happening. It is possible.

18 of the data from the analysis, while other authors as a play started from the hospital.

For example, research suggests that the early scenes of the other scenes of Henry VI may have been written by Christopher Marlowe. Like Macbeth, Measure for Measure was edited by Middleton after Shapier’s death, but Macbeth was unedited. The original document is not available.

The researchers said that there is also the possibility that the games that appeared under the names of other authors, such as those written by Anthony Munday and Henry Chattel, by game writers Sargansus Moore and Edward Sweet, written anonymously, were actually theirs. There is some part. Part narrated by Shakespeare

Linguistic features were the focus of this analysis. Characteristics of all playwrights and the meaning of their use of a word.

The experts found in the research that in several scenes, they were not only from Shakespeare, but also from other authors.

Professor Gabriel Egan of De Montfort University said that his thinking suggests that it should not be more desirable, but nothing has been written about the game, he wrote. .

He believes that Shakespeare wrote 43 plays himself while 14 plays were written by other authors.

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