When the Prime Minister loots wealth, the country becomes economically weak, Prime Minister

I want action to be taken against corrupt elements even if they belong to my party, Imran Khan

Islam Abad: Prime Minister Imran Khan says that when the Prime Minister of the country loots wealth, the country becomes economically weak.

In an interview to a foreign TV channel, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that after winning the World Cup, he became confident and learned a lot. Failure makes a person struggle and success makes him confident.

The Prime Minister said that he was very close to his mother. When he got cancer, I felt pain. I planned to build a cancer hospital because of my mother. I wish I had a brother. I started doing, my parents were patriotic Pakistanis, my mother wanted Pakistan to be a strong country, after the death of my mother my tendency towards spirituality increased.

Imran Khan said that the welfare state was mentioned in the goals of the founders of Pakistan, developing countries are poor because their rulers, elites and prime ministers loot money, when a country’s prime minister loots the country’s wealth I want a Pakistan free from corruption. At present there is a war against the corrupt mafia. When two corrupt parties rule in the country, it becomes difficult for the third party to come despite the struggle.

The Prime Minister said that I did not come into politics to make money but I came under the mission, I want to do and give something, people with my thinking should come into politics, those who choose politics to make money Should be rejected, I am against corruption, even if the corrupt elements belong to my own party, action should be taken, Sugar Commission was set up to identify the corrupt elements.

PM Imran Khan said that performance was good when we came to power, everything was affected when Corona came, Pakistan is divided into 3 types of education system, Urdu in government schools, English in private and madrassas and education system. I have introduced a uniform education system in the country and more work is being done on it. I want to see my country in the style of the state of Madinah.

The Prime Minister said that Islamophobia has been talked about in every forum of the world. We have our own religious sentiments. Western countries should take care of our feelings. People who spoke on Islamophobia understood. The Qur’an commands us to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. The success of our lives depends on following the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Every country, including the West, should refrain from insulting anyone’s religion. ﷺ But they sacrifice their lives, so their feelings are sensitive.

The Prime Minister said that we are noble creatures, capable of understanding, Rehmat-ul-Alamin Authority will also guide the youth, I cannot represent 10% westernized elite class, 90% people of Pakistan wear shalwar kameez. Yes, that’s why I wear shalwar kameez, I have spent 3 years in power very busy, I have no social life.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan has always talked of positive dialogue with India but no good is expected from them now. The international community should take notice of the issue of Occupied Kashmir. Human rights are being violated by the Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir. ۔

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the United States is shocked after what happened in Afghanistan, the situation in Afghanistan is worse than 2001, the United States is deeply saddened and angry over the surrender of the Afghan government without resistance, the world to help Afghanistan. The community should come forward. If the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates, Pakistan will be most affected. The international community should come forward to help Afghanistan.

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