WhatsApp introduces cryptocurrency payment feature

WhatsApp introduces cryptocurrency payment feature

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) – WhatsApp has introduced a limited-scale cryptocurrency payment feature in the United States. Has added cryptocurrency to its options, but so far this feature has been made available to a limited number of US users under a pilot program.

Navi chief Stephanie Caseril shared the news on her Twitter account with WhatsApp, saying: “This feature of cryptocurrency in WhatsApp is being tested by providing it to specific users. According to the report, WhatsApp has a feature called ‘Payments’ through which people can send money to each other. It’s very easy to send money to someone through WhatsApp. To do this, click on the + sign and select the ‘Payment’ option from the menu.

This amount will be given to another user in ‘PSDP’ who can withdraw it by transferring it to his bank account. The value of PSDP is linked to the US dollar. A user can withdraw as many US dollars from their bank account as they send to someone PSDP. Now with this new feature users will be able to use cryptocurrency to send money to each other.

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