What message did Mia Khalifa send to the German footballer?

What message did Mia Khalifa send to the German footballer?

London (Monitoring Desk) German football player Loris Karius has been unkind to the game these days, after the contract with Liverpool Football Club ended, he was not hired by any club permanently and was forced to join Newcastle Football Club. A short-term contract has been signed with the club, which will last until December this year. However, Lores’ name is in the news in relation to porn actress Mia Khalifa.

According to the Daily Star, it has been revealed that Mia Khalifa once sent Loris Karius a message on social media that indicated that she was interested in a relationship with Loris. It was sent before the Champions League final match. Lloris’s team Liverpool and Real Madrid were competing in the final.

After receiving this message from Mia Khalifa, Loris posted a picture of Mia Khalifa on her Instagram account and wrote in the caption, “Look at the prize.” Mia Khalifa commented on this picture and wrote, “Is this Is there a reward? Why…”

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