What is the connection between Les Combatantes: Meaux and the new TF1 series?

For its new series, Les Combatantes, TF1 has approached the Museum of the Great War in Meaux. ©TF1

TF1 His new historical series airs from Monday 19 September, Warrior. The story of four women who take part, each in their own way, in the battles of World War I. Even if Meaux has already hosted several series or movie shootings, it is not the one that reads Meaux this time in the next series of TF1.

The producers of the series have contacted. Jean-Pierre Verney, the man behind the Great War Museum collection and also the museum’s illustrator. The story of the series takes place in a short period after the Battle of Marne and before the trenches.

“The First World War was pretty buried in my memory,” admits Alexandre Laurent, director of Les Combatants. To complete his knowledge, he visited the Great War Museum with his team. “For the military costumes, the historical facts, we wanted. Stick to reality as much as possible“, he explains. To avoid creating any confusion, the team relied on the expertise of Jean-Pierre Verney.

The TF1 series, Les Combatantes, chronicles the start of World War I through these four women. ©TF1

History buffs and especially the First World War looked at the scene of this historical sequence.

I wasn’t there to bother the director or rewrite the screenplay, but to help him avoid major mistakes and find ways to make the historical background as believable as possible.

Jean-Pierre Verney

In this way, he avoided filming a scene of a bombardment with gas shells. This technique was only used from April 1915 when Les Combatants was fully plotted in 1914.

The film crew needed his knowledge of “the maximum age of soldiers, the distribution of the French army, the workings of hospitals, military vehicles…”.

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Women in the Great War

The TF1 series depicts the beginning of World War I through the story of four women: a prostitute who comes from Paris to be near the front, played by Audrey Florot; A convent mother superior played by Julie De Bona. A young nurse pursued by the police, played by Camille Lowe, and the wife of a wealthy industrialist who takes over the family factory when her husband goes off to war, played by Sofia Essadi.

An angle that can be found in the Museum of the Great War in Meaux where Women’s place during combat Length is discussed. A temporary exhibition is also dedicated to him.

“Stories dedicated to the glory of warriors have replaced the works of women who were not warriors”, commented Jean-Pierre Verney. And the latter gave rise to a phrase by General Joffrey in 1915: “If women workers in factories stopped for 20 minutes, the Allies would lose the war”.

Les Combatantes, TF1, from Monday 19 September, 9:10 pm

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