What did General Rawat say while he was injured? Eyewitness statement

General Bipin Rawat’s wife also killed in the accident while only one person survived the accident: Photo Indian Media

At least 13 people, including India’s first Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat, were killed in a helicopter crash of the Indian Air Force yesterday.

General Bipin Rawat’s wife was also killed in the crash, while only one person, identified as Indian Air Force Group Captain Varun Singh, who was the directing staff of the Defense Services Staff College (DSSC), survived the crash.

An eyewitness at the scene of the accident has been published on Indian media in which he said that when the helicopter crashed, a fire broke out in the trees and the locals fled to put out the fire.

Eyewitness Shiv Kumar while talking to media said that at that time we saw 3 persons one of whom was alive and 2 were dead. ۔

According to Shiv Kumar, later on, someone told us that the person who was asking us for water was India’s Chief of Defense General Bipin Rawat.

The local man said that he could not believe that it was Bipin Rawat who had done so much for the country and he was asking us for water today. I could not sleep all night after this incident.

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