Video Video of Young Student’s Opinion Persuading Teacher

Users gave interesting comments on the video to the teacher

New Delhi: Many videos of teachers beating up students have gone viral, but today his video has captured the hearts of the people. Users also on this video

After their parents, they say the worst and the little children come close to their teachers. This is expressed in a video that starts a fire in the forest from the public opinion on social media.

I can go on to see the innocent student seemingly acknowledging his teacher and the teacher repeatedly narrating the video saying that you made all sorts of promises and then demanding to be seen in class. I’m not talking to you now.

The child also has a look on it and he is afraid of the teacher. Sometimes he makes sure that they don’t make a mistake, sometimes he chooses on their hand, he even falls in love on one occasion.

Seeing the child so pampered, the teacher’s heart melts and he writes the child a promise not to repeat and forgive him Strategy.

Most users praised the strong emotional connection between the child and the teacher, but some users called his time the student.

It is not clear yet which school this video is in but will share this video in his account under the name of Gulzar Sahib.

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