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Please refrain from sensitive souls: a German YouTuber plays on the nerves of Internet users with noises and images that awaken unpleasant sensations.

If you are a perfectionist, this video, spotted by Telerama Wednesday March 22, should particularly annoy you. German YouTuber Luksan Wunder had fun filming scenes that are sure to put your nerves to the test. We bet ?

This video is “the anti-tutorial”. As tutorials multiply on YouTube to teach us how to cut a cake into perfectly equal parts or to complete a puzzle in less than two minutes, Luksan Wunder takes the opposite view.

The German, active on YouTube for two years, is used to posting this type of video, according to Belgian radio RTL. “We see him attempting to slice bread with a can opener or peel a watermelon with a potato peeler, situations which tend to irritate”, specifies the radio on its website on Thursday. This video is a best-of: it compiles, in five minutes and 48 seconds, the most frustrating situations. Posted on February 17, but recently spotted by the media, it has been viewed more than 774,640 times in just over a month.


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