VIDEO. Strasbourg: they are splurging with Inoxtag’s phone, he is laughing to death

Inoxtag, more than 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube, is part of the Croûton team (© YouTube video screenshot)

As we explained to you in a previous article, the famous youtubeur Inoxtag had sent a phone all over France so that his subscribers could produce content with it and that he could react to it by video.

The video in question was published this Saturday and the sequence concerning Strasbourg begins at 24 minutes and 24 seconds.

Cathedral, Christmas market and sauerkraut

It begins with the station, where young people race among themselves to find out who will have the right to retrieve the phone.

We then follow Inoxtag subscribers in the streets of Strasbourg, where we can see the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Christmas market, the big tree or a sauerkraut stand.

A challenge for Inoxtag

Towards the end of the Strasbourg sequence, a staff of the Five Guys restaurant challenges the member of the team Crouton : “We have a challenge for you, it is to come and eat with all your subscribers, here, in Strasbourg”.

“The head of oim, next time, if I come to Strasbourg, everyone comes [et] break the Five Guys! “, Then promises Inoxtag, hilarious.

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