VIDEO. Seine-Maritime: Christine owns a collection of 150 Santa Claus automatons

Between Christine and Father Christmas, it’s almost a love story. (© Le Réveil de Neufchâtel)

“I am in love with Santa Claus “. To 75 years old, Christine still has the soul of a child and eyes that sparkle when she installs her many automatons.

This resident ofAubermesnil-aux-Erables (Seine-Maritime), Come in Foucarmont and Neufchâtel-en-Bray, This festive period would not be missing for anything in the world, during which its some 150 automatons join a room within its property.

They are taken out of the boxes which sleep the rest of the year in the attic. Every year, it’s the same pleasure. It’s like friends that I find after a long time without seeing them.

“Some sing in French”

Her first automaton, Christine bought it about fifty years ago. Thus began a collection that she has never abandoned.

I have regularly bought some and been offered to me. I’m a bit of a gaga with all these little people. Before, I shared it with my family, neighbors and all those who wanted to come and see, especially the children of the village. But it got a bit lost.

Santa Claus comes in different ways.
Santa Claus comes in different ways. (© Le Réveil de Neufchâtel)

From November, Christine takes the time to install her machines. They will not find their cardboard box until January.

It takes several days. Especially since I check the batteries and see if they are still working. For some, they are not very young.

Among his favorites, Father and Mrs. Claus who offer a choreography while singing.

I love them a lot. In fact, I love them all knowing that some sing in French, others in English. I have one who is mixed-race, one who rides an airplane, one who takes a bath … It amuses me.


“It cuts off winter”

For Christine, Christmas is sacred. She particularly liked large family gatherings.

Today, of course, that has changed. We don’t all live in the same region anymore. But Christmas is still very important to me. Father Christmas contributes to my happiness. It brings gaiety. And above all, I find it funny.

The collector loves the imagination brought by the big red man. She also installs many lights and decorations outside in order to fully experience the magic of Christmas.

It is my pleasure and it is particularly close to my heart. It also cuts off the winter.

Santa Claus in his bath.
Santa Claus in his bath. (© Le Réveil de Neufchâtel)

And Christine to conclude : “I hope that my collection will be of interest to a museum or an association. I would like, the day when I am no longer there, that my Santa Claus continue to bring joy to others ”.

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