VIDEO. Fantôme? How much is the apparition? Non, this is a spectacle of Brocken film on the dune du Pilat

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Un photographe girondin a rare phenomenon film: son ombre entourée d’un arc-en-ciel.

This is what happened on the second day of the Pilat, the entry of the bassin of the Arcachon (Gironde), that nature offered a rare spectacle local a local photograph: a spectrum of Brocken. This phenomenon optical proves the application of an approximately acceptable advance of a single luminous multicolored circle. It was observed and filmed by Florian Clément on January 28.

Like the Cancels, to see this spectacle, the foul disperses an insolently sans obstacle of a city and a broiler, or a nuisance of the other city. In the position of a million objects, such as the corps per exempt, on this object this ombre enters the arc-en-ciel. But she is not visible because of the situation between the sole and the nuage.

The spectrum of Brocken is the plupart du times observed in the zones of Montagnes. The name comes from the culmination of the Harz Channel in Allemagne, the Brocken. This is not the first place on the land of the world, to find out what happened in 2016, like Assure Florian Clément on Facebook.


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