VIDEO. An oiseau semble voler sans battre des ailes

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It is possible to create an optical illusion without the help of cameramen.

The video was shown over 25 million days ago. Publisher Lundi 17 juillet sur le réseau Reddit, the video of a passage devant a camera sans montrer de battements d’ailes an intrigué certains internautes. First of all, use the air to flutter in the air, you can see the camera, before you go. Beaucoup d’internates ont été surpris. However, the risk of discovering science-fiction amateurs, is not the same as giving a classic illusion of optics, due to the vibration of the camera.

One camera registered a certain number of images per second (24 images per second in cinema, and 25 images in television, in Europe). On the heels, or on a dubious delivery, the camera could not register the image at the moment or the roue of the vehicle (or the aisles of the aisle), since it was too late. The phenomenon can also be seen on the rows of a voice, in a movie. The human being sees an image which is static, giving the impression that the object is immobile. This is exactly what happened when the cameraman came to visit Chris Fay with a pair of helicopters, at the end of the day.


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