Vendée: for 10 years, Dédé’s house has been lighting up for Christmas

Rue du Champ, a house shines brightly during this Christmas period © Le Courrier Vendéen

As every year during this holiday season, a house lights up the rue du Champ in Beauvoir. Each year more beautiful, more complete, it sparkles with all its fires and amazes young and old, who come to see it as soon as night falls.

Since 2011

Christmas decorations? Oh ! I’ve been doing it for a long time. If I remember correctly, I must have started in 1983. I was then living in Saint-Germer-de-Fly, in the Oise. When I arrived in Beauvoir in 2008, I first took care of the priorities, namely to arrange my house and my garden. The virus took hold of me three years later, in 2011

Dédé Brunerie.

“Since then, every year, I decorate the exterior of our house, to the delight of the children, their parents and the neighborhood. I must admit that this pleasure is also mine. The main difficulty in this installation, which is more complete and more complex each year, is to integrate and harmonize the new decorations with the old ones ”.

The result of this decoration is grandiose. The lights, the different light scenes and the music intermingle to enchant passers-by.

Many scenes take place inside these illuminations
Many scenes are organized inside these illuminations © Le Courrier Vendéen

Still here for a long time

Each year, the decorations evolve, change places, are more numerous. The children come running in front of the parents so as not to miss a beat.

“When setting up the sets, I tell myself that coming of age will be the last year. But the virus is there!… Despite my inclinations to stop, I believe that basically, I will still respond favorably to the many requests of the children. Besides, my pleasure in pleasing them is at least as great as theirs in watching “.

We can bet that the house on rue du Champ will be illuminated again next year.

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