US interior advises Ukraine to negotiate with Russia

US apparently encourages Ukraine’s resistance to Russia, Photo: File

Washington: The US, which apparently encourages Ukraine to resist Russia, but internally is advising Ukraine to negotiate with President Putin.

The Washington Post has revealed in a report that the United States has advised Ukraine in internal meetings to try to negotiate until President Putin leaves power.

Sources told The Washington Post on condition of anonymity that the United States told Ukraine to show itself ready for negotiations with Russian President Putin at all times and to keep him engaged in negotiations until the Russian president leaves office. .

The newspaper report also stated that US officials informed their Ukrainian counterparts that Russian President Putin was not serious about negotiations at the moment, but also acknowledged that talks between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Putin. The shutdown has raised concerns in Europe, Africa and Latin America, where the impact on food and fuel prices has been felt the most.

The Washington Post’s sources also claim that the US advice was to gauge how much Ukraine would be able to gain support from countries that are taking a cautious approach rather than provoking war.

The White House National Security Council did not immediately comment on the Washington Post report when asked if the report was accurate, but a State Department spokeswoman said: “We have already said that if If Russia is ready to negotiate, stop bombing and aggression and withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

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