‘Update Chrome browser immediately’ Google warns 2 billion users

‘Update Chrome browser immediately’ Google warns 2 billion users

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) – Google has issued a warning to users of the Google Chrome browser, urging users to update the Google Chrome browser immediately because of a flaw in the older version. Hackers can steal users’ private data. Google has made this new update mandatory and urged two billion Google Chrome users to update their browsers immediately.

According to a report by Google, hackers can not only steal Google Chrome’s history and other data through a bug in an older version of Google Chrome, but also gain control of users’ entire devices and their data. Can also be removed. It should be noted that this is the 16th time that an error has occurred in Google Chrome browser which can affect users of Windows, Mac, Linux and all other platforms equally.

That is why this error is being termed as extremely dangerous by Google. Google has released new version of Google Chrome browser 96.0.4664.110. You need to update your Google Chrome browser.

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