Unusual: A wild boar strolls near walkers on Morbihan beach.

Good swimmers, wild boars sometimes invite themselves onto beaches. Pictured at Saint-Brien-les-Pins. On October 30, 2022, it was ashore. ©Ritz Mail Archives

gave Pig is a good swimmer. Archeology shows that he lived on the coast in the past. Nowadays, it is rare to see it on beaches. Beach walkersErdeon (Morbihan) saw a wild boar roaming about Sunday 30 October 2022.

Swim short

in the middle of the afternoon, Carrillo Beach Ardeon welcomes a strange visitor: a wild boar. Slightly disturbed, the herbivorous mammal took a dip. Many internet users shared the moment on social networks.

Our colleagues at Telegram have published a video. Another internet user observed a boar (definitely the same one). Guérite beach In Plouharnel: “A wild boar washed up on the beach. We were able to watch it swim for long minutes in the sea before coming back to shore. There were many people there and I think he must have seen all these people and dogs. Kar was scared,” said the witness present at the scene.

A pig is a good swimmer. At the end of 2019, two dwarfs crossed the continent to Île-aux-Moines (Morbihan).

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