Unusual. A mouse invites itself to the municipal council of Plestin

A small rodent invites itself to the council of Plestin. © Jean-Paul Leclercq / Le Trégor

The municipal council of Plestin-les-Grèves gave himself a moment of recreation during the intrusion of an underground advisor: a little mouse slipped into the walls of the old town hall where the municipal officials sat.

Stealthy, the rodent knew the path he was going to take the bugger! Slaloming under the tables and the feet of our elected officials, the mouse crossed the room from one side to the other with disconcerting dazzling: not fast enough, however, so that halfway, the lost attention of a chosen one does not appear. exclaims: “There’s a mouse in the room!” “.

Not resentful, the animal continued on its way until it quickly disappeared into the hole in a plinth, which it must have drilled with premeditation. As a mouse, the city rat was about ten centimeters, tail not included. Bags and tote bags placed on the floor soon made their way to the upper floor on the board tables, for a welcome moment of distraction during a meeting with a busy agenda.

The curious but cautious animal reappeared punctually, as if to inquire about the desired extinction of the fires in its home. While the construction assistant, with his expert eye, immediately inquired about the urgent site of plugging the inappropriate baseboard hole.

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