Universal health package has been prepared with the federation, Sindh Health Minister said

Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Fazal has said that a universal health package has been prepared with the federation and now 32 diseases have been reported at the provincial level.

He said that the decision of Pakistan Medical Commission was not far-sighted and we will see whether his government will remain after four years or not.

Addressing a press conference, Sindh Health Minister Azra Pechoho said that we have done great things in the health department. Our ADP schemes have 18.5 billionaires. 33 On-going schemes are going to be completed, there are many organizations that give grants, including NICVD Fatmeed.

MIUKIA from Child Life Foundation and PPHI, in the Basic Health Units we want to focus more on maternal and child health programs.

He said that the focus on mother and child programs has reduced the number of deaths. Government Dispensaries are being started in Thar as a pilot project, facilities are also being provided through community midwives.

The Sindh Health Minister said that we have increased facilities in universities, Lower Bone Marrow Liver Transplant, Addiction Center for Drug Addicts, Gamanayev Center and other important facilities.

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