United Kingdom; 14 and a half years in prison for the killers of the Pakistani-origin taxi driver

The 20- and 18-year-olds were drunk, Photo: File

Manchester: The Manchester court in Great Britain has sentenced 2 young murderers involved in the murder of Pakistani-origin taxi driver Ali Asghar to 14 and a half years in prison.

According to the British Broadcasting Agency, on October 30 last year, 38-year-old Pakistani-origin driver Ali Asghar was stabbed in the head and face by two youths and ran away after he was forbidden to eat burgers and chips in a taxi.

In this attack, Ali Asghar’s face became unrecognizable and he died on reaching the hospital. Parkland resident Connor Mack and Martin Treacy, from Oldham, were arrested on suspicion of murder with the help of CCTV footage.

Investigators told the court the teenagers had booked a taxi from Oldham town center to Rochdale and were both drunk. They took burgers and chips from the takeaway and started eating.

According to the police report submitted in the court, the taxi driver Ali Asghar strictly forbade them, on which there was a bitter exchange between them. When the taxi stopped at a petrol station, the youth assaulted the taxi driver.

Azhar Ali, the driver’s brother, told the court that when he reached the hospital, his brother’s face was covered in blood and was unrecognizable, recognizing him by his shoes. Those who brutally killed my brother should be severely punished.

Addressing the accused, the court said that Ali Asghar was a hardworking and decent man who was unfortunate to meet you. He came here in 2009 and did everything from bookselling, McDonald’s, security.

In its verdict, the court sentenced 20-year-old Connor Mack to 14 years and 6 months, while 18-year-old Martin Tracey was sentenced to 13 years and 6 months for killing such a hardworking and selfless man.

The convicts assured the court that they would reform themselves during their imprisonment. He has learned a lot from this incident and has also become aware of the dangers of drug addiction.

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