United Arab Emirates; Petrol prices increased after 3 months of continuous decline

Petrol prices were not increased in the UAE for three consecutive months, Photo: File

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates has announced an increase of 29 fils per liter for November after three months of continuous reduction in petrol prices.

Last month, petrol prices in the UAE were reduced by 28 fils per litre, while in September and August they were also reduced by 12 to 14 per cent. Remember that 100 fils make one dirham.

However, after the increase in petrol prices in November, super petrol became 3.32 dirhams per litre, special petrol 3.20 dirhams and E Plus 91 petrol 3.13 per litre.

Along with petrol, diesel prices have also been hiked in the UAE. The new price of diesel is 3.98 per liter which is about 240 Pakistani rupees.

In the UAE, in the last week of every month, petrol prices for the following month are determined at the official level.

It is expected that winter season petroleum products will increase further in the Emirates.

On the other hand, Qatar has not increased the prices of petrol for the fourth consecutive month. The price of petrol there is 2.10 Qatari dinars per liter which is 128 rupees in Pakistani rupees.

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