Uniswap: 98% of tokens are shove draws

Uniswap, a lark mirror? – Spearheading the DeFi sector from 2020, Uniswap has revolutionized the way of using its cryptos. The famous corner platform actively participated in the launch of DeFi, farming and airdrops. As long as bigger DEX (decentralized exchange) on ethereal, Uniswap attracts a lot of capital, a multitude of users and also of course, scams and dubious projects. Well more names than we would have imagined…

Uniswap, trap for beginners?

As the first decentralized exchange on Ethereum, Uniswap is also the main gateway for newcomers to the Challenge. In love with a pleasant feeling of freedom – full possession of their money, their cryptos – beginners are often fooled. Because by playing too much with your capital, you sometimes burn your wings. Or we get fleeced in this case.

Uniswap doesn’t sort it out, it’s a ration of freedom for everyone, ” don’t trust, verify (don’t believe, check). Consequently, everyone is free to believe that it is meaningless and to try to push it back to the first naive people to come. Or, many have arrived on these DeFi protocolsthinking of discovering a new revolutionary project, without being aware of the risks.

Uniswap, identifies many “rug pulls” for beginners

A new study highlights a totally astronomical proportion of fake projects thriving on Uniswap.

“The data consumes into account all tokens listed between May 4, 2020 and September 3, 2021. We recorded 26,957 scams for 631 projects of only different. »

Or a proportion of 97.7% of lockers on our beautiful unicorn. The analysis does not stop at this simple observation. It offers a tool to categorize these pitfalls and try to avoid them.

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Unicrypt, before the carpet pulls?

Through their research, Bruno Dungeon, Victor Adam and vanessa daza have developed an automatic detection tool for carpet pulls (araches). For this, it relies on the composition of the farm pools on Uniswap, the distribution of tokens on the different addresses and the distribution among investors upstream of the project. The detection rate of fraudulent projects is impressive, 99.4%.

Uniswap: 98% of tokens are shove draws
Researchers are developing a device to detect future rug pulls

More surprisingly, one of the conclusions of the report mentions the inefficiency ofunicrypt to fight against these scams. In projects imposing a blocking of part of their funds, this platform is supposed to allow them by this act to justify their good faith to investors. Unfortunately, the study shows that 90% of projects using Unicrypt will finally be revealed to be scams.

To dispose of one’s money according to one’s desire is I freed her Offer for cryptos and DeFi. Uniswap is just one of the tools. The counterpart is the responsibility not to rush headlong ! To study each project before “swap” his precious cryptos against unknown tokens. Especially if these, adorned with beautiful rainbow colors, promise us the moon.

In cryptos, you learn, sometimes in a hard way, to be responsible for your money, for your actions. Because there is no after-sales service. The fault rests partly with our current financial system which infantilizes the citizens. On the one hand, the crypto ecosystem offers complete freedom. That of handling his money as he pleases and indeed risking through blunders having it stolen. On the other hand, the banks give it total control. Money that is no longer really ours. In the end, the monetary system and would it not also be a look at the larks ?

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