Unique incident of mass marriage of 6 brothers to 6 sisters in Multan

Six brides posing for pictures [فائل-فوٹو]

Multan: By the way, we keep hearing about marriage that more than one brother or sister got married at the same time but recently something even more unique happened in Multan.

Six of the six brothers are married to six sisters. All the husbands of the bride are her cousins. In this age of inflation, it is now becoming common practice to have more than one marriage in the same household and deal with it on the same day and once.

One of the brides, Anam, said that all of us sisters are happy on this occasion. On the other hand, the groom Mian Shakeel also said that we are all happy with this decision because it is going to be a joint family.

Another groom, Sahib Shafiq, said that this is the marriage of our choice.

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