Under the pressure of the bigoted administration, the Indian university canceled the admission of the Muslim student

The affected student was not even given the right to appeal against the cancellation of admission: Photo: File

New Delhi: The admission of a Muslim student who protested against the controversial citizenship law in India was canceled due to the pressure of the biased University Grants Commission.

According to the British media, the admission of Safura Zargar, a Muslim student of New Delhi’s Jamia Millia, who participated in the protest against the controversial citizenship law in India, was cancelled. The administration of Jamia Millia said in a statement that Safora Zargar’s admission has been canceled at the behest of the University Grants Commission.

Safura Zargar, a Muslim student, says that a short email sent by the university informed her of the cancellation of admission. Denied admission to the university and denied right to appeal against cancellation of admission.

In India, there was a nationwide protest against the controversial law that deprived thousands of Muslims of their right to citizenship, in which hundreds of students, including Safura Zargar, participated.

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