U.S. imposes sanctions on China, Myanmar, North Korea, and Bangladesh

The U.S. also puts Chinese artificial intelligence companies on the investment blacklist

The United States has imposed sanctions on China, Myanmar, North Korea, and Bangladesh.

According to media reports, the United States has imposed sanctions on dozens of individuals and entities from China, Myanmar, North Korea, Bangladesh and these countries because of their widespread human rights violations.

The United States also blacklisted a Chinese artificial intelligence company.

According to media reports, Canada and the United Kingdom have also imposed sanctions on Myanmar for human rights violations, while the Biden administration has imposed new sanctions on North Korea.

The Biden administration imposed sanctions on International Human Rights Day and also imposed sanctions on some military installations in Myanmar.

U.S. officials said that this move, along with Britain and Canada, is a signal that democratic forces around the world will take “full action” against those who violate the national order.

U.S. officials stated that the U.S. is using all available means to hold those responsible for serious violations of human rights.

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