Typhoon destroyed the Philippines, killed 200 people and left millions homeless

The hurricane left nearly half a million people homeless in one week: Media report/Associated Press photo

The Philippines declared extreme flooding risks, and the death toll from Hurricane Ley rose to 200.

According to media reports, rescuers working in coastal areas affected by the typhoon confirmed that the storm had been completely devastated, 200 people died, and hospitals, homes and schools were completely destroyed by the storm.

The police said that the storm in the central and southern provinces in the past week has killed more than 200 people and many people are still missing. The police have launched rescue operations in the disaster-stricken areas and evacuated people. Yes.

According to media reports, the hurricane has displaced about 500,000 people within a week, and the storm has completely destroyed many provinces and islands, causing shortages of drinking water and food. Coast guard and navy personnel in the area are ensuring food supplies on board, and medical personnel on board are providing medical assistance to people.

According to reports, the President of the Philippines has announced the establishment of a US$4.040 million fund for disaster recovery, but the people are very angry at the delayed arrival of government assistance.

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