This year in Pont-l’Evêque, Quentin will spend his New Years Eve as Santa Claus at home

Quentin Patard will step into the shoes of Santa Claus for the first time this year.

On New Years Eve and Christmas Day, it could be in your living room! Employed in a charcuterie in life, Quentin Patard will soon swap his apron for the red and white suit by offering his services of Santa at home around Pont-l’Evêque (Calvados).

Reconnect with the magic that left him

A first for this 21-year-old Pontepiscopian. “I was discussing this with a friend who does it and I thought to myself why not give it a try,” he says. After posting an ad on Facebook, the magic seems to operate. “I have been hassled with messages,” he smiles. I’m already taken a lot on the evening of December 24, but I still have time slots at the very end of the evening and on December 25. “

The young Father Christmas has only one ambition: “to do fun for children, make them dream and bring the magic of Christmas to the houses of the area ”. The transmission of his innocence, for this young adult for whom this celebration does not really have the same flavor.

“I lost my grandfather on December 24, 2015. New Years Eve is a difficult evening for me, it no longer has the same magic, it’s a day of mourning,” he confides.

In the skin of his character

Quentin does not take his mission lightly. To become the best of Santa Claus, he invested in a neat velvet suit. Without forgetting accessories; bell and hood which will soon be filled with gifts. “I obviously have a beard too! And I bought a fake belly to make it even more credible, ”he explains. Because the Covid can still play the spoilsport, it will also wear white gloves and mask.

The young man also prepared for blend at best in the skin of the character. By watching tutorials on Youtube to make your voice worse, or by gleaning precious advice from his friend, Santa Claus for 20 years. “He said to me: once you get into the role, you stay there until the end of the evening!” His tour of the houses will begin on the evening of the 24th. “I will take the time to talk with the children, distribute them the gifts and take some pictures,” he says.

And after ?

And this first experience might not be the last. “We’ll see how it works and if I like it. If so, I will be able to do that every year and also offer my services to town halls, works councils, or on Christmas markets, ”he hopes. If he will spend a good part of the party with others, Quentin will celebrate Christmas with his family on the evening of the 25th. “I’m planning on putting on a costume for my brothers and sisters, and my son!” “

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