This sub-Ethereum explodes at 120%… thanks to a dumpling from Kim Kardashian

By promotingEthereumMax (EMAX), a most dubious token, without specifying that she was (highly) paid to do this, the influencer kim kardashian took on the wrath of the US financial policeman. At the end of the day, a painful fine (even for her) of 1.2 million dollars… also an appreciation as delirious as it is irrational for the object of the crime.

Kim rubs, pricks

Early 2022, like the average influencer rabbit caught in the SEC fares (Security Exchange Commissionthe US financial regulator), the queen of reality TV starlets kim kardashian found herself deposited in a story sale mixing crypto, influence and big money.

The American stock market policeman quickly began proceedings to find the empress of bling-bling, for promotional commercial concealment from her 200 million followers, of an obscure crypto-currency. In this case the very dubious and very opportunistic “Ethereum Max”.

Isn’t Kim Dotcom who wants

From June 2021, the Journal du Coin also warned you about this project which had nothing to do, neither near nor far, with the real Ethereumand who only seemed to have “Max” the delirious quantity of his chips (two million billion, excuse the little).

Ethereum “Max”, “Classic”, “Gold”, “Black”… cryptocurrencies, Wish version

Can you imagine renewing your vehicle by blindly trusting a new brand, created the day before yesterday by strangers, and called “ volkswagen diamond »? Would you be delighted at the idea of ​​giving all your savings to a banking establishment that appeared last night and flashed a splendid sign ” Classic Savings Bank »? Probably past.

And yet, it is with this unsophisticated formula that many crypto “projects” nevertheless try to seduce the customer. The objective: attracted by the effect of mimicry, part of the investor public potentially making confusion with the copied asset, or simply being wary of a surname. Example below:

This sub-Ethereum explodes at 120%… thanks to a dumpling from Kim Kardashian
Cardano Gold, a favorite month

Beware of copies

Let’s take this opportunity to raise an important point: commenting on imagining that a crypto project disrupts or revolutionizes a sector in general, and the future of finance in particular, if this is not the same thing as being able to find an original Christian name?

As they say in the Canada Dry trading community, “the question is quickly answered”. In crypto, as in everything, search for authenticity Which, if it is not a guarantee of success every time, will at least allow you to avoid being a collateral victim of the Clone Wars.

Traditionally, the career of these carbon copies is short-lived. Indeed, they are the last durable support only the time to effectively siphon off the funds of a few naive people, before quickly joining the thousands of cryptocurrency-zombies that haunt the shallows of the marketcap.

How could it be otherwise? Empty of any substance and only living like ephemerals seeking the light of the market for the time of a marketing campaign or a “Pump & Dump” operation, these tokens and are in reality supported by nothing, or anyone.

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Heatstroke on Ethereum Max

So it was with Ethereum Max which, after having known its moment of glory, thank Kim Kardashian therefore (but also to the boxer Floyd Mayweather ceded by the SEC for the same reasons), was until yesterday in part 99.5% later they are May 2021 high.

However, without looking for the slightest logic or coherence, the Ethereum Max token reacted, very violently – and three positively – at the news of the sentencing of her influential godmother for a day.

The EMAX token for so 120% pumped press within a few hours. Quite logically, they choose are quickly “back in order”, the price of the token (which can only be found on the decentralized exchange unitedwap), quickly returning to a more modest valuation.

Ethereum Max (EMAX) price

Misunderstanding or operator error? Price manipulation attempt? Original demonstration of love from a grieving fan? Difficult to understand in the state who can provoke the violent movement, even if in view of the illicit nature of the asset, it is likely that there will be a failure to mobilize a part of the people to trigger it.

Although it is fun to document, this kind of phenomenon remains anecdotal and Ethereum Max will probably return to its clumsy shitcoin that has already gone out of fashion. However, the episode above all allows us to remember that, even in the full phase of maturity and regulation, the crypto industry remains deeply irrational and the child of pretense. And if nothing and no one can prevent the proliferation of influencers, it is ultimately up to you to learn not to be (too) influenced.

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