These strange sea creatures have returned to the Vendée coast.

Barnacles hanging from a buoy… ©Guillaume Andre.

At first glance, it looks like a sea shell.

But on closer inspection, it’s actually a crustacean, with a shell and a rubbery stem a few centimeters long.

It is not a barnacle but a barnacle..

If this phenomenon has been observed and photographed in Barbetrie, it is not so rare, in the Vendée, to find these barnacles on the coast.

In a photo by Guillaume Andre on the Barbary News Facebook page, the crustacean clings to a buoy. The morning glow brings the impression of fire: glorious!

He clings to everything!

The barnacle lives on the seashore, suspended from a floating object: a buoy, boat hull, plastic container, tree trunk, seaweed or a simple piece of wood.

This is why it is sometimes deposited on the beach by the waves. Only one species, Dosima fascicularis, produces its own float. A barnacle is a pelagic nomad that is carried by currents.

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And for those who want to use them, experts assure that they have nothing to fear. But it’s not very good!

These crustaceans are found on beaches after strong winds or storms. This is currently the case!

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