There is still no timetable for European urine withdrawal due to high pressure-

Frankfurt, Frankfurt, December 16th (observation) high pressure creeps

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The central bank bank emergency is deadly pressure, the central bank central bank day center day planning expert ends the new epidemic

European Kitchen decided at the meeting on the same day to decide that next month, month and month, 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 2024, etc. will be carried out.

On the national flag day, the announcement was full of exit and withdrawal, which changed the current policy

8 Anti-epidemic impact The asset purchase plan implemented in March last year included a total glass purchase bond purchase list 8 8 1.85 trillion euros. Last year 12 3

The center of the center Heinemann said that I have already stepped forward to the beginning of the economic pandemic and the outbreak of the crisis.

Swishing on the 16th will also fatally raise the core core expectations, which will be 3.2% in January next year and 71.7% in September this year. In addition, in 2023 and 2024, we are very much looking forward to expecting the future to be 2%.

At the press conference, Saitama Rade said that the rise in prices has led to increased consumption and the expected rise is expected to rise.

Everyone in the International Macro Department Human Resources Department believes that, but already believes in the research process of this process, but the organization also believes that due to lack, it is similar to the history of the new crown.

22 Business chief Jorg Kramer 22 22 Eurozone monetary policy will still move banks out in 2022, even if it is temporarily at the end of the year, the Eurozone will retain anything

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