There is a lot of work left on the Green Line, what is the Prime Minister inaugurating: Sindh Transport Minister

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Transport Owais Qadir Shah while giving credit of Karachi Green Line to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that there is a lot of work left on Green Line and what is the Prime Minister inaugurating.

Speaking on Geo News program Geo Pakistan, Owais Qadir Shah said that Asad Umar’s press conference of the previous day was based on lies. Complete it, run it on a trial basis and then have it inaugurated by the Prime Minister.

He said that Aristotle is sitting in the federal government who lied so much yesterday, he has also been paid for the Orange Line buses but yesterday he lied, he is making the same drama of KCR from the Prime Minister today. ۔

The Minister of Transport said that last night I got a call to attend the inauguration ceremony of Green Line Bus Project. Has been invited or not, if the Prime Minister had to come today, he would have received the official invitation. I do not think that the Prime Minister will come.

He further said that the credit of Green Line project goes to Nawaz Sharif who started this project.

Awais Shah said that an agreement has been reached with a Turkish company for 250 diesel hybrid buses. Out of 250 buses, 50 buses will be delivered by February. At present, there are logistics problems all over the world.

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