There is a fear that the mid-term elections of the United States will be affected by the expulsion of Twitter employees

After Elon Musk took control of Twitter, there were reports of layoffs — Photo: AP

There is a clear fear that the layoffs in Twitter by Elon Musk will have a negative impact on the US mid-term elections.

According to the American media, 4 days before the US mid-term elections, the important staff of Twitter who had to reveal the truth about the false information related to the elections has also been fired.

Many of the fired employees were assigned to uncover facts related to misleading tweets, while some were assigned to liaise with campaign staff, some of the fired employees were also responsible for responding to rumors by contacting journalists.

According to reports, some of the fired Twitter employees were to monitor the election and some were to look for signs of outside interference.

According to media reports, the people who were fired include Kevin Sullivan, who was doing editorial planning on Twitter for the midterm elections.

Recall that after Elon Musk took control of Twitter, there were reports of layoffs, and the process began on November 4. During this layoff process, 50 percent of the company’s employees could be fired.

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