The world record for performing 67 magic in 2 minutes in the name of a Malaysian man

Avery Chen, blindfolded, performing magic [فائل-فوٹو]

Kuala Lumpur: A man from the militia surprised everyone when he performed 67 different magic tricks in 2 minutes while demonstrating the speed of his hands.

A man named Avery Chin performed 37 magic tricks in the first minute and 30 blindfolded magic tricks in the second minute.

Earlier, Avery Chin had also set a world record for fire tricks in which the viewer can see strange things happening in space, when in fact they do not. The record was set by Avery Chin in 30 seconds with a woman named Sylvia Lim.

Avery said on the occasion that he has set a recent record to celebrate Guinness World Record Day in November.

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