The woman who won the lottery in her dream actually won the lottery of millions of dollars

The American woman dreamed many years ago that she had won ہزار 25,000 in the lottery and now she has won an even greater prize of لاکھ 300,000. Photo courtesy of CNN

Michigan: A woman in the United States dreamed that she had won a lottery ticket and now she has really won the لاکھ 300,000 lottery.

A 46-year-old Michigan County woman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said she dreamed that her lottery ticket had been drawn while she bought a cashward multiplayer lottery ticket. In these, the numbers hidden on the ticket are revealed by scratching the nails and if the number is equal, a financial reward is given.

The woman said that many years ago she dreamed that she had won 000 25,000 through the exact cash word. But she did not think that one day she would win a bigger prize.

The woman said she would use the money to buy a new home and spend the rest on investments. It should be noted that the famous Cashward Lottery of Michigan has started from June this year and so far has given prizes of 15 million dollars.

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